Looking to book time with Bryan?

Please Read.

Common questions about booking your tattoo: 

How much do you charge? Due to high demand, I'm currently taking large projects only with a 3 hour minimum, priced at $120 an hour.

Is there a deposit owed before my appointment? 

Yes, a deposit will hold your appointment and go towards your last session with me. I accept Paypal for deposit payments here:

I'm ready to book my appointment, where do I start?

Please feel free to email me with your ideas, pictures for reference or any other questions at  tattoos316bryan@gmail.com

and I will answer promptly. 

Wow, I was told my appointment could be in 5 months, is this common? 

Yes, great tattoo work is worth the wait and comes from busy artists. Check out my Facebook page for possible cancellations and an earlier opportunity.

I'm not looking for anything too big, what now?

No problem! We have plenty of talented artists that would love to help. Send your ideas to our shop email at: tattoos316@gmail.com to get started today!

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