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We do walk ins on sat and sun at 11 am some days lines can start at 10 am and we make lists but can only do so many. best to come and get on the list at open to ensure you get tattooed that day. if underage call us for what all documents you need.

Best to arrive before 10am Saturdays and Sundays or email us your ideas to make an appointment.

10 Things Your Walk-in Tattoo Artist Wants You To Know

Are you thinking about getting a walk-in tattoo?

Awesome, you came to the right place!

We are ready to provide you the best experience possible.

Reminder: tattoos should not be spontaneous and do require some preparation. 

Walk-in Tattoos: Keep it simple!

Walk-in tattoos are meant for more simple designs so your artwork can be complete in one session. Not sure what is considered walk-in worthy or too detailed? Send your ideas to our shop email at Your artist will be able to say what can be done in a reasonable amount of time.


First tattoo? 83rd tattoo? Understanding pain tolerance so you don't tap out

Tattoos hurt. If you have zero ink and decide to get a walk-in tattoo on your rib cage, it’s a good idea to have some level of understanding of what kind of pain you can tolerate. Everyone's body is different and we all experience different levels of pain. Ask your artist for advice for placement ideas if you aren't sure what you can handle. 


Know what you want to get, we can't choose for you.

You made the big decision to get tattooed, and you will be stuck with the decision since they are permanent! When you come to the shop be prepared with a design, or even a couple designs incase the first one isn't ideal for a walk-in tattoo. If you didn't have a back up plan, ask the artist if they have flash art for you to choose from.


Your body. Your tattoo. Your choice.

Your artist should never tell you what design you're getting. If you are not happy with the art, say something! Too big? Too small? Even if the stencil needs to be moved 5 times before you are happy with it, your artist will respect your wishes. They want you to love your new tattoo. 


Artists don't steal artwork from other artists

Your artist will want to create something unique for you, and you only. They will not be able to do that exact design you found on Pinterest or Instagram, it's basically stealing! Let your artist get creative and see what they got in store for your tattoo ideas.


 All Tattoos Cost Money

Some people don’t realize this, but they do.

And the price will vary depending on the amount of the time the piece takes, the level of detail, whether it’s black and grey, color, or blackwork, and the size of the piece itself.

Larger, more detailed pieces cost more. As does quality work.

If you want a stellar tattoo, you have to be willing to pay a high-caliber artist to do it.


Don’t Even Try to Negotiate

Would you try to negotiate a better deal from your plumber? I don’t think so. You’d receive the invoice and make a check out for whatever the amount was.

Trying to negotiate with a tattoo artist is a big no-no.

If you’re just getting a walk-in tattoo and want to choose a flash design, there may be a set price which will only vary if you want to get it in a different size. Large-scale work typically comes with an hourly rate, and an estimate can be given – but, just like your plumbers’, it’s only an estimate – so the actual cost may vary from the quote once the piece is complete.


Before You Go, Don’t Forget to Take a Shower or Eat Something

You’re going to be in close proximity to your tattoo artist for the duration of your tattoo. You don’t want to gross them out the entire time, do you? Probably not. Take a shower before your appointment, and you won’t have to worry about it.

You’ll also want to eat a full meal about an hour or so before you walk in for your tattoo so you don’t faint or become lightheaded.


Good Clients Leave Tips

A tattoo artist provides a service like any other. And if you want to be a good client and establish a good working relationship with your tattoo artist that they’ll have a record of, it’s important to leave a tip.

Leaving a tip is a way of showing your appreciation, saying thank you, and demonstrating to the artist that you’re the kind of client who “gets it.”


Don’t Ignore the Artist’s Aftercare Advice

If you want your tattoo to heal properly, what you need to do is really pretty simple. Just follow the instructions your artist gives you!

Every artist has a different style, so different artists are naturally likely to have different recommendations for aftercare.

To ensure that your new walk-in tattoo heals and settles in nicely, all you need to do is listen to the directions YOUR artist gave you. That’s it!

Not Google. Not your best friend. Your artist.

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