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COvid-19 shop rules 

       Covid19 Guidelines at Addictions in  Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing

NEW COVID19 GUIDELINES FOR Addictions in ink Tattoo ands Body Piercings

At Addictions in ink we are doing our best to maintain the highest in safety and health during this pandemic and Covid19 outbreak. We have made many upgrades and changes to our procedures at our studio for yours and the artists health in mind!



        Since Addictions in ink has always been a studio that has been concerned for health and safety in general, we continue to think of everyone's safety here. Addictions in ink is taking this time to prepare our tattoo gallery with new studio protocols and procedures that will be practiced from the time the client walks into the doors, also sanitation upon entry and also into all tattoo areas, restroom and much more.


We currently have some Covid19 guidelines online that we will be implementing at Addictions in ink below!

Addictions in ink CLIENT GUIDELINES:


Clients must wear masks at all times before entering the doors. 

Client must provide their own mask! 

Or client can purchase one from us.


Clients will be asked to sanitize hands upon entry.


Clients will need to fill out a release form before services online using this link

UNDER AGE ? Make sure  to let your artist know when setting up time for an appointment.


Clients will be asked to take quick temperature upon entry.

Clients can NOT have company or visitors during consultations or appts.

Clients may only bring in essential items such as phones, glasses, credit card, or medically necessary items.

Clients will be required to wipe down and sanitize their phones, personal items they may need to touch during their visit such as glasses, canes, etc. upon entry.

Clients will implicitly make their artists and shop owners aware if they have a compromised immune system prior to consultations or appointments.

If space is not available, clients must wait outside of studio or in car until their appointment or consultation time.


Addictions in ink ARTISTS GUIDELINES:

Artists will communicate with clients health before appointments.

Artists must wear masks every consultation or appointment.

Artists will be asked to wash and also sanitize hands upon entry. 

Artists will be given a 2 week quarantine if they are exposed.

Artists have separate hand sanitization areas in each tattoo booth.

Artists wiped and disinfect tattoo booths after each client procedure.

Artists will do a daily health assessments for themselves and clients.


Artists will maintain good hygiene including hand washing etc.


Artists will clean and sanitize workstations throughout the workday.

Artists and studios will limit room capacity to meet social distancing guidelines.

Artists will meet any additional guidelines established by the studio.


Addictions in ink  NEW PROCEDURES & PRACTICES:

New hand wiping and sanitation areas upon entry.

New PPEs worn by all artists.

Artist & Client ONLY during all procedures.

Hand sanitation areas in every tattoo booth.

Disposable covers on all digital equipment.

Digital Release Forms filled out prior to appointments.

No Contact digital photos portfolios added to the studio.

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